General questions

JRD is located in Toronto, Canada. You can purchase all products through our webstore.

YES. A gift certificate is the perfect gift if you’re not sure about wrist size or what to pick.

Every JRD piece is made with the utmost attention to detail and is made just for you. We will do our best to have your piece(s) ready as soon as possible. To best manage your expectations, we require 2-4 weeks for JRD jewellery and 4-6 weeks for JRD LUXE.

YES. We ship worldwide. See shipping policy for more details.


Gold filled (GF) is a thicker coating of 14k gold that gets bonded to a base metal (usually brass) using heat and pressure. Gold filled jewellery and findings are legally required to be 5% or 1/20 gold weight and you can verify this with the marking “14/20 GF”.

NO. Gold plating has approximately 0.05% or less of the gold weight. This miniscule amount of gold allows for tarnishing and does not stand up to water or wear over time.

Add a drop or two of mild dish soap to a bowl of warm water. Let soak for a few minutes, rinse and dry well. If you need more cleaning use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently scrub away the dirt, then rinse and dry well.

We suggest that you only ROLL to put on and take off your bracelets. This will help to prevent them from stretching or snapping.  

YES. You can get your GF jewellery wet. However, we do not recommend wearing your pieces in a swimming pool due to the chlorine. Generally, we suggest that you avoid direct contact with chemicals like perfume, sunscreen, body lotion. If you do see your pieces are dirty from these products just follow the cleaning tips above and your pieces will look as good as new.

YES. All stones are natural and genuine precious and semi-precious stones.


YES. We can work together to come up with the saying and details that are perfect just for you. We also have a ton of sayings to choose from.

We recommend that you turn your sweatshirt inside out and wash on gentle/cold. Lay flat or hang to dry. When the sweatshirt is still a little damp put in dryer on low heat to fluff up. Alternatively you can dry clean.

NO. Each JRD LUXE piece is hand embroidered with a meticulous attention to detail. Please follow the recommended washing instructions as per the above.