Our Experts Will Tailor a Plan for Your Success

While each invention is different, we recommend starting with the following steps to begin the process of brining your invention to market.

Step 1 – Contact The Invention Group
Review our web site, give us a call, or request a free invention evaluation. Ask any questions you have. We’re happy to help get the process started.

Step 2 – Submit Your Idea
When you feel comfortable with the process, submit your idea to us through our site, by fax or by mail.

Step 3 – Invention Evaluation
Once we receive your idea, our experts will evaluate it and provide you with a complete marketability analysis. It will include our findings about the potential for success with your product.

Step 4 – Contract
If our team accepts your invention, the next step is to come to terms on a contract for bringing it to market. As the inventor, you will retain all ownership rights to your invention.

Step 5 – Prepare and Present
Once we agree to a partnership, we need to spend some time becoming experts in your product and industry. We’ll use this information to present your invention at trade shows our networking partners and investors.

Step 6 – Buyout Agreement
After communicating with our partners, we’ll assist you with a buyout contract. The company you decide to work with will work with you to manufacture and distribute the product to your market.

Step 7 – Peace of Mind
The Invention Group will make sure that the partnership with the manufacturing company runs smoothly and all royalties are paid on time.