What do you do?

The Invention Group provides inventors with a marketability analysis to determine whether or not their invention is ready for market. We also assist with matching up inventors with companies who will manufacture and license their product.

What is an invention license?

An invention license allows someone to buy the rights to manufacture and sell your invention for a profit. Once a license is signed, the inventor receives a percentage of the total sales from the manufacturer in the form of a monthly check.

Do I need to patnet my invention before I contact you?

No. We will assist you with obtaining a patent. You do not need to have a patent prior to contacting us.

What do I do next?

The next step is to formally submit your invention idea to us through our web site, by fax or by mail. We’ll evaluate the idea and provide you with a marketability analysis. If our experts feel that your idea has potential for success, we’ll assist you with the next step.

What does this cost?

We charge a $150 fee to evaluate your product. We’ll return the fee if we don’t feel your product has potential for success.